During the two years I lived in 605 Johnstone E at Clemson, I had a roommate who had a steady girlfriend. She stayed overnight from time to time. This was a problem, of course.

One, she didn’t approve of reefer, and so we didn’t smoke. It was so dreadful even the bong water wept.

Two, it was no fun being the third wheel. I mean, yeah, you can join in on the festivities, but once they are said and done, who do you cuddle with? A copy of Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha? Don DeLillo’s White Noise? A used copy of the Norton Anthology of American Literature Fifth Edition? No way.

And so, I did what I knew I had to do: I stayed away from my dorm room as much as possible.

Which brings us to an issue that has been raised here in the City Paper’s comments regarding Jack Hunter and Ron Paul.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we love Jack and we love Ron Paul, but we don’t really want to be the third wheel in their relationship.

As many of you know — and as we regularly disclosed at the end of Jack’s columns — the Southern Avenger is now the official campaign blogger for Paul. And while for a time we thought that was enough, we’ve now realized that it wasn’t.

Simply put: We’ve long known that Jack has a man-crush on Paul — he’s written him love letters in the pages of the City Paper for years. But now that Jack’s a Ron Paul staffer, it’s not possible for our readers to expect the Southern Avenger to write objectively about, well, his frikkin boss.

So from this issue forth, Jack won’t be writing about Ron Paul.