[image-1] On Sat. Nov. 17 the Spot Light Awards 2018, sponsored by the East Side’s Fair Deal Grocery, will recognize those who have acted selflessly and helped those around them. Out of 18 nominees, nine winners will be chosen to receive an award named in honor of each one of the Emanuel 9 victims. This black tie dinner takes place at the Gaillard; tickets are $50 and can be purchased online.

The winners will be chosen based on their leadership in the community and the qualities they share with the specific Emanuel Victim named for their award. Nominees and winners alike will, deservedly, receive gifts of love as “Angels in the Community.”

The evening features entertainment from host ReZsaun Lewis and performers Amayz, Comedian Brian T. Shirley, Poet Bria Davis, Charleston’s United Choir, DJ Shanard, and more.

In a press release Fair Deal Grocery’s Deborah Powell says, “We hope that this event, and the examples set by the 18 finalists, will allow others to see just how powerful Pure Agape Love is; a love that brings people together and transcends all races, creeds, colors, and negative thoughts, can bring about healing, hope, and unity for all … in and around our city.” [location-1]