As if spring in Charleston wasn’t already packed full of fabulous events, a new extraordinary fete has been added to the mix. Teacher’s Supply Closet threw its first Spring Social benefit Sunday, and in our opinion, it has earned a spot on our busy social calendar. Five South of Broad homeowners opened their doors for ticket holders throughout the gorgeous afternoon; each house had its own musical theme, from jazz and bluegrass to Latin and opera. Guests were invited to tour the first floor of the historic homes and enjoy food and beverages that fit with each selected theme. The spreads were of course delectable. A martini glass of shrimp and grits coated in spicy brown gravy from Gullah Cuisine was a vital aspect of the Jazz House at 176 Tradd St. Another highlight was the incredible mango ceviche, compliments of Fuel, in the Latin house at 28 Lamboll St., which was not to be outdone by the crab bruschetta at St. Michael’s Alley. The music, however, was the star of the day. A surprise duet between local vocalists Cary Ann Hearst and Lindsay Holler was worth the price alone. The ladies sat in the living room of the Tradd Street residence playing bluegrass classics with only a basic amp; it was an intimate concert that completely caught us off-guard.