[image-1] Charleston artist Robert Lange finally found the face behind his celebrated painting “Pride and Prejudice,” which is currently featured in the Everyone’s a Winner exhibition at Robert Lange Studios.
[content-1] The painting “Pride and Prejudice” is based off a photograph Robert Lange took at the San Francisco Pride Festival on June 30. Featuring a young man with a rainbow scarf around his head, the photo became the inspiration for Lange’s “largest and most time consuming” portrait to date.

To Lange, the face in his painting “embodies this current moment in time and a shifting tide which will hopefully usher in a feeling of equality like a tidal wave upon this country.”

Hoping to share a print with his muse, Lange set out to social media for a digital manhunt. Within 12 hours of sharing his story on Facebook and Instagram, fellow pride attendees and workers were able to identify the 21-year-old subject of his painting.

How? According to Lange, someone who follows Lange’s Facebook page shared his search with a bartender from San Francisco, who shared it with a club promoter from San Francisco, who shared it with a drag show coordinator, who recognized the painting’s subject from the weekend — and happened to have his contact info.

The best part? The painting’s subject made it to the opening of Everyone’s a Winner, held last Fri. Sept. 13.

Lange details the serendipitous moment in an Instagram post (because where else but social media would you share something like this?): “That moment when the once unknown model of your painting walks into the gallery after thousands of people from around the country helped track him down. I was knocked over with emotion.”