Remember the Senior Superlatives section in your high school yearbook? It’s the place where the powers-that-be officially declared the most outstanding members of the senior class: The Smartest, The Prettiest, The Most Likely to Succeed. It’s a bit juvenile, really, putting people in neat little boxes like that. Even so, we thought it would be a fun approach for our annual Style Issue. So we sat down and thought about the people who really stand out in Charleston. People with great hair, wild wardrobes, and killer tattoos (yes, that’s a new category). Then we invited stylish folks like Terry Fox, Carri Schwab, and Eric Battles into the studio for our own version of a high-school photo shoot. Olan Mills would be proud. — EJC

Carri Schwab

Most Dramatic

It’s not hard to spot Carri Schwab in a crowd. She might be wearing a tutu with sky-high stilettos or bright red eyeshadow or a bustier with a handmade headpiece. Whether she’s gallery directing at Robert Lange Studios or on the stage at PURE Theatre, Schwab brings the drama.

Jeff “JeffET” Turner

Class Clown

Behind the decks, Jeff Turner — otherwise known as JeffET — is a mysterious figure. With his hoodie up and a pair of blue shades hiding his eyes, he suitably plays the silent DJ role when he’s spinning vinyl at #NewMoney Thursday at Club NV or at one of JLINSNIDER’s First Friday parties. But underneath that cool kid facade is a dude in a Captain’s Comics T-shirt.

Rodrigo Reyes & Claire Slover

Biggest Party Animals

The most nerve-racking part of any event is figuring out what to wear. Dress codes like “cocktail chic,” “casual country,” or “relaxed beach swag” are almost incomprehensible. And while we can never figure out if it’s better to be overdressed or underdressed, we’ve found two people who get it right every time. Claire Slover and Rodrigo Reyes are Charleston’s Biggest Party Animals when it comes to style in the Lowcountry.

Terry Fox

Most Involved

If you’ve attended Charleston’s cultural events with any regularity, chances are you’ve seen Terry Fox. He’s the guy with the shock of silver hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and cowboy boots, most likely posted up in the middle of the action. Fox is a major player in the Holy City arts community, serving on the boards of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and PURE Theatre. He’s also a founding member of Parliament. Way before that, the UNC grad was one of the first bartenders at the fabled King Street Garden and Gun Club, and he also worked in a psychiatric hospital and a drug treatment program before going into college administration. Whatever his role, Charleston wouldn’t look the same without him.

Kenneth Hyatt & Lily Slay

Best Hair

Samson was powerless without it. Women worldwide spend billions on it. Hair — it’s as important to one’s look as any accessory. Of all the beautiful people in Charleston, Kenneth Hyatt and Lily Slay arguably have the “Best Hair.”

Michelle Jewell & Johnny Battles

Best Tattoos

Johnny Battles has been getting his ink since before he could drive a car, Michelle Jewell since before she could rent one, but both put their designs on display for all to see. And they’re not done yet on their lifelong art project.