Don’t worry. They’ve kept the decadent Duck Club and duck fat fries, but the Tattooed Moose has ditched the build-your-own sandwich menu in favor of housemade specialties like a meatball sub, using a family meatball recipe, and a Texas-style barbecue brisket sandwich, constructed with beef smoked in-house.

That’s not the only thing they’ll be smoking. Proprietor Mike Kulick will also be putting chickens on the smoker for chicken salad and corn chowder, and he’ll be making his own pastrami too.

We have to say we think it’s a good move, considering all the delis that have popped up recently. The best way to distinguish yourself from the crowd of contenders is by making your own unique sandwich ingredients. Jen Kulick says they’ll also be making green tomato pickles and baked beans in-house.

The Moose will be debuting their new menu on Wed. Dec. 15, so make plans to stop by the Morrison Drive restaurant and taste the changes for yourself.