[image-1] This Tues. Oct. 9 the Terrace Theater will present a screening of a film that made such an impact that a scene from it is part of a mural outside the James Island theater. That scene? A young socialite, Melanie Daniels (portrayed by a newcomer named Tippi Hedren),watches an aviary apocalypse while trapped inside a phone booth (remember those?). The film? None other than Alfred Hitchcock’s nutty 1963 classic, The Birds.

Along with Sierra Nevada, Wild Birds Unlimited — a retail store that specializes in bird seed and bird feeding supplies — will be hosting the event. One of the store’s staff members, Emily Davis, a crow enthusiast, will be on hand to share lots of information on her favorite feathered friend.

Whether a lover of the boids or just fan of an animals-gone-amuck classic, fly on down to the Terrace Theater to see a film that was considered “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the United States Library of Congress, and selected for preservation by the National Film Registry.

Tickets for the one-night only event are $12.50.  [location-1]