It’s not always clear why people take the five-finger discount — whether it’s economic necessity or the thrill of the steal — but we do know that shoplifting is on the rise in Charleston. As of Dec. 12, Charleston police reported 607 instances of shoplifting this year, up from 542 in 2011 and 442 in 2010. Here’s a partial list of the stuff people stole from Charleston stores this year:

A handful of cigarillos, two energy drinks, a bottle of grapeseed oil, a shaker of cayenne pepper, a prank shocking cigarette pack, 55 shirts, a bottle of senior vitamin pills, two diamond bracelets, three styrofoam boxes full of lunch, $75 worth of canned seafood, French green beans, hot wings, five bottles of soda, a box of cookies, pecan halves, walnut meats, trail mix, a box of cold medicine, five 18K gold pendants, a bottle of gin, 10 pairs of jeans, a silver ring, a bottle of steak seasoning, three neckties, three bottled protein shakes, three rechargeable battery packs, eight air fresheners, four jars and six cans of crab meat, a didgeridoo, headache powder, a box of boneless ribs, two wallets, a whistle key finder, 19 bags of shrimp, an air purifier, a vacuum cleaner, an oven, a microwave oven, an XBox, a pacifier, an LCD monitor, two cans of insect repellent, a steam mop, a skillet, toothpaste, a set of cooking pans, a pancake pan, a door mat, a box of corn dogs, a gold ring and necklace, two packages of prosciutto, a necklace that reads “journey of a thousand miles,” a necklace that reads “never give up,” a cooked chicken thigh, an $80 pair of sneakers, a wig, seven cartons of cigarettes, seven packs of cigarettes, a pair of pajama bottoms, a violin-shaped Christmas ornament, at least 149 cans of beer, two flavored milk straws, a citronella candle, a package of lemon-pepper seasoning, three bottles of shampoo, a cross pendant, two jewelry boxes, a spare refrigerator coil, a bucket, a pair of boots, $1,125.93 worth of tools, five pieces of sterling silver jewelry, five cans of sardines, two bottles of hot sauce, two packages of crackers, a can of Vienna sausages, a bottle of orange juice, four bottles of motor oil, six bags of chips, eight bed comforters, an athletic jacket, a griddle, an impact wrench, eyelash extensions, eyelash adhesive, nine bottles of wine, fake fingernails, a pre-paid cell phone, two pairs of earrings, three pairs of sunglasses, eight watches, a $158 pair of pants, a Hello Kitty watch, a $60 bottle of cologne, a pair of teardrop earrings, two bags of ice, a car tire, two teeth-whitening kits, a pack of baby socks, 14 bottles of perfume, a package of sandwich meat, a box of allergy medicine, a bottle of eye drops, five dresses, an octopus-shaped ring, a GPS unit, organic hair relaxer, organic hair spray, organic hair mousse, a digital camera, a $118 denim skirt, two video game controllers, a tuna sandwich, a pack of feminine pads, a jar of hair styling gel, a folding utility knife, a battery-powered screwdriver, a bikini, Scotch tape, 145 brassieres, a lipstick pen, two candles, a bag of charcoal, a bag of pork cracklin’ strips, a Nintendo Wii, 10 Wii games, four toothbrushes, an electric toothbrush replacement head, an eight-pack of cucumber-scented bath soap, two iPad boomboxes, 20 packages of batteries, a four-pack of organic apple juice, four ladies’ razors, 14 steaks, a sippy cup, an organic yogurt smoothie, a two-pack of baby food, a bag of sunflower seeds, a pickle, three hats, a can of shoe polish, a box of frozen chicken nuggets, 6 pairs of socks, five packs of hex nuts and washers, two containers of detergent, a handbag, a can of hair spray, two TV sets, two pairs of headphones, three jackets, four electric drills, a box of barbecue-flavored Hot Pockets, an 18-gallon purple plastic container, five bags of mulch, and a crab.