Dear John,

You’ve broken my heart for the last time.

In 2000, when it really mattered, I was there for you. I was a radio talk host in South Carolina during the GOP primary that year, and most of my listeners were supporting then-Gov, Bush. South Carolina conservatives didn’t like you, John, and they didn’t trust you.

But I wouldn’t listen. I was a McCain man. I begged Charleston Republicans not to hand George W. Bush a big win, but to join me in casting a vote for you. It wasn’t popular, but in my heart I knew you were right. (OK, technically you were “center-right,” but close enough). In the most crucial primary state, with a hostile audience against me, I stood up for you, John McCain.

And how did you repay me? You stabbed me in the back.

First, you attacked free speech and the First Amendment with your goofy McCain/Feingold so-called “campaign finance reform.” I knew you were wrong, I knew you were pandering to your first love — the mainstream media — but I’m not the jealous type. I let it go.

Then you voted against the Bush tax cuts — twice! Most conservatives view tax cuts the same way we view sex: It’s even better with a pair of handcu– I mean “even when they’re bad, they’re pretty good.”

Look at the economy, John, and you can see that these tax cuts were great. Since 2003, while most of the western economies struggled, America’s had steady economic growth, a record-setting stock market and created millions of new jobs.

You were wrong, John. You know it, and I know, but still I looked the other way.

But not anymore. This is the last straw. The “A” word.

I know, I know — you keep saying it’s not amnesty. You get mad when people call it amnesty. I’ve listened to you try to explain how giving illegal immigrants exactly what they want — the chance to stay in the U.S. and keep the jobs they were never entitled to — is some kind of punishment. But I can’t follow it.

Listening to you explain how “all the illegals get to stay” isn’t really amnesty is like trying to understand President Clinton explain how Monica was having sex with him, but he wasn’t having sex with Monica.

John, when you tell 12 to 20 million immigration criminals who’ve violated our borders “No documents? No problem!,” what you’re really saying is that border security doesn’t matter. I know your new “friend,” Sen. Kennedy, keeps telling you that the way to solve illegal immigration is simply to make them all legal and forget silly notions like the rule of law.

But are you sure that, when it comes to criminal behavior, the right guy to emulate is Ted Kennedy?

And don’t you realize that your plan rewards immigration criminals with something that law-abiding immigrants waiting for visas want but cannot have — the chance to live here in America?

Under your plan, every illegal who slaps together two “documents” allegedly showing he snuck into the U.S. before 2007, and who can pass an instant background check, gets instant legal status. They don’t have to leave, they don’t have to learn English, and they certainly don’t have to wait their turn to come here like the suckers back home. Sure, they might — I repeat, might —have to pay a $1,000 fine, but most illegals have been living in the U.S. for five years or more.

Escaping Central America for South Carolina is a great deal at $200 a year. Even if you’re stuck in North Charleston.

It’s a great deal for the illegals, that is. But for the American taxpayers you’re supposed to represent, it sucks.

Trashing our borders, rewarding criminals, hooking up with Teddy K … I can only take so much, John. You’ve finally driven me away.

Here is my pledge to you: I will never, ever, ever cast a vote for John McCain in a primary election. Period.

If it comes down to you and Ron Paul, I’ll join the 9/11Kooksfor and start asking irrational questions about WTC7. Because it’s never going to be you.

I’ve talked to quite a few people who supported you in 2000 who feel the same way, too. We’re speaking out so that you won’t be able to take advantage of others the way you’ve taken advantage of us.

In fact, I think it’s time for you to leave, John. Just go away. I’m sure you can find some primary voters who can’t wait to show you some love.

You just need to look for them in the Democratic primary elections.

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