“See the irony is that what they [the U.N.] need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this sh** and it’s over.” —President George W. Bush, caught unaware on tape at the G8 summit

What would you do?

Imagine for a moment that rockets fired from Cuba are exploding on the Florida coastline, 80 of them a month, month after month for a year. And they’re aimed at condos, not military camps.

Now imagine that a group of Central American Communists with Castro-like tendencies has established itself in Quebec. They’ve built a well-trained terrorist army using funds from Communist China and elsewhere, and this army is firing missiles into Massachusetts and New York. They’ve also crossed into the U.S. to kidnap local cops and border guards.

Americans are being killed in their living rooms from Boston to West Palm Beach, our borders violated, and the killers are arming themselves with more powerful missiles that can reach Atlanta and New York City. What would you do?

Would you “show restraint?” Would you “enter immediate negotiations?”

Or would you in send the Air Force in to blow the [insert GWBush’s favorite expletive here] out of them?


Ah, but you aren’t Israel.

What Israel has done since 2000 is tolerate repeated missile attacks from Hezbollah terrorists operating freely in Lebanon. Why, two members of Hezbollah proudly serve in the Lebanese cabinet at this very moment. And what has the world be doing? As Jed Babbin reports in his book Inside the Asylum, the UN flag and the Hezbollah flag fly side-by-side in Lebanon, with “UN peacekeepers” watching as the missiles fly into Israel.

What Israel has done since withdrawing entirely from Gaza last August is to take cautious, measured responses to daily rocket attacks from Hamas — the elected representatives of the terrorism-supporting Palestinian people. What has the world been doing? Pressuring Israel to negotiate with the murderers whose stated mission is to push the Jews of Israel into the sea.

The American media tut-tut at these obvious truths. “It’s a violent circle,” says Time magazine, as though Israel could stop the violence if it would just stop fighting. Allow me one more obvious truth, one often heard on the streets of Tel Aviv: “If the Arabs had no guns, there would be no war. If the Israelis had no guns, there would be no Israel.”

What makes the story of violence and Israel so bizarre is how hard the Western media work to make this a story of moral equivalence. It’s as though the Nazis have launched their invasion of France and CNN’s first action is to rush a German commentator in front of the cameras to point out that Germany has legitimate historic claims to Alsace-Lorraine. Is it really that hard to tell who the bad guys are?

The Western media are obsessed with the fact that civilians sometimes die in Israel’s military strikes. This is both true and tragic. But the key word in that phrase is “military.” Israel is attempting to wage a war of survival against military targets, while Hamas and Hezbollah wage a war of eradication against civilian targets.

When an Israeli missile kills civilians, it is because something has gone wrong. When Hezbollah’s missiles kill an innocent family, it means something, in their opinion, went right. So in love with death are the Islamists that the terror leaders intentionally conduct their business surrounded by family members, knowing that if an Israeli bomb does hit its rightful target, the deaths of the terrorists’ children will bring condemnation down upon Israel’s head.

To the weak-kneed and limp-wristed among us, none of this matters. All that matters is that war is bad and people are being hurt. Negotiate, dammit!

But would you negotiate with the Cubans or the Communist terrorists attacking American soil? Would you have even the slightest interest in their “demands?” Then why insist that Israel do what you would not?

In fact, the case for Israel to negotiate with Hezbollah and Hamas is even more ludicrous since both groups insist that Israel be destroyed. What should the Israelis then negotiate: What time the trains leave for the gas chambers? The “bullets-per-Jew” execution ratio? Such is the nonsense passed off by the pacifist American press. Surrender is always better than sacrifice.

My question is why, after years of watching the world watch Jews die, would Israel ever listen to any of us? During the Clinton presidency, the one “world leader” most frequently invited to the White House was Yassir Arafat. The most efficient killer of Jews since Hitler was, by choice of an American president, number one (with a bullet)?

When the world speaks, should Israel listen? Would you?