Look who made the cover last week! A podcast! This weekly ain’t so geekly now, huh?!? I figured that after last week’s Nate and Di Show cover story, I might get a few more eyes over here, so this week’s column is all about local podcasters (sorry bloggers — you’ve been getting all the glory lately). And dammitall if we don’t have variety for you. I’ve listened to a celebrity-hating, hooch-hustling bartender, a “Godcast” (a podcast with a religious point of view), and a guy who’s so gay he makes Jack McFarland look like Tommy Lee.

St. James Church Podcast:
(http://www.saint-james.org/sermons.php) Simple and straightforward, this podcast is just the weekly sermon from the St. James Episcopal Church on James Island. Each sermon clocks in at around 20 minutes, so you’ve either got an inspirational message to listen to during your commute to work, or a free alternative to sleeping pills, depending on your viewpoint. I have to admit, I only listened to the first two minutes of the latest sermon before turning it off. Not because it was bad or anything — I just felt weird listening to a pastor do his thing while I did mine. (Hey, nature calls when it calls, you know?)

The EffinB Show:
(http://effinb.libsyn.com/) Get it? F and B? Jason, a local server/bartender, recently posted his first episode of EffinB — a podcast about life in the sometimes surreal world of the food and beverage industry — including the weird/cheap/sad/gross customers he encounters. He also chooses one celebrity each week to hate on (this episode featured TomKat). Jason tells the story about two different F&B customers: “Crazy Chicken Lady” — an Eastern European health industry professional who regularly rolls in drunk at 1 p.m., orders 24 hot wings and downs glasses of merlot. Or there’s “Crazy Cool Guy” — a tracksuit-wearing jogger who silently sips on a shot of vodka, and leaves without saying a word. This show also clocks in around a perfect bite-sized 20-minute portion. The production value is a little rough, but the content more than makes up for it (like Pump Up the Volume. Sorry. It’s a good movie, y’all.). At the very least, give him a listen and learn if you’re one of the crazies he’s talking about.

Cawffee Talk:
(http://www.thecousinsqueer.com/podcast.html) Patrick, a local podcaster, hosts an on-again-off-again show called Cawffee Talk: a train-of-thought ‘cast where the host just catches you up on what’s been going on in his life (not unlike most podcasts). I got about 15 minutes into this 23-minute show before I had to bail. He lost me at how gassy he got after eating the #11 at LaHa, and I wanted to shoot a Red Bull to him via broadband, because he had zero energy and his listless voice was wearing on me. There was one interesting moment, though, when he tells the story of a fight that broke out at a West Ashley gay bar between a drag queen and a Jell-O-shooting patron…

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