I’m a typical guy in most respects. I like guitar-driven rock, movies with explosions, and a good old-fashioned fart joke (shoot, I even like a good fart!). I know how to change a tire, change the oil, and I try really hard to figure out what my girlfriend really wants or really means when we’re having a conversation.

But, I also know that Vinnifer may be pregnant, Jessica is sending Nick messages of her new independence through her song lyrics, and L.C. needs to forget about Jason and focus on her classes at the Fashion Institute and her internship at Teen Vogue.

God help me. I’m a pop culture junkie.

Why am I bringing this up? I was reading the LaurinLine (www.laurinmanning.com/blog) who was posting her thoughts on campaign strategies for Tommy Moore vs. Mark Sanford. After a couple of minutes, I jumped over to Heather at Moncks Corner Moments (http://cantalyssa.blogspot.com) and read about her frustration with our fascination with American Idol, Desperate Housewives, etc. She acquiesces a bit in her “post-shower edit,” stating, “I feel people should have a passion that has not been spoonfed. Frankly, I don’t care where the passion lies. It certainly doesn’t matter whether I agree or not, it’s the apathy that appalls me.”

She has a point. I shouldn’t know more about Cheyenne’s long-distance relationship than about the candidates for South Carolina Treasurer. I should be sending W a letter every day railing against his administration’s secretive nature, his failure to focus on a still-devastated region of his own country so that he can finish his daddy’s war, and the fact that he couldn’t even eat an effing pretzel without choking and passing out! Do y’all remember that?!?! I bet you do … because that’s some pop culture shiz right there!

Heather forgets that the “pop” in pop culture stands for popular. It’s not called “what’s probably best for us” culture. Pop culture knows no race, creed, IQ, or income level. It’s easy. Life is hard. I can completely understand if someone wants to watch The Donald fire someone or read about Lindsay Lohan’s latest hair color/eating disorder after they’ve put in a long day at work. Sure, there needs to be a balance. Sure, for every episode of The Gauntlet I watch, I should read up on voting records of gubernatorial candidates. But that’s hard, and pop culture is — say it with me now, folks — easy.

But maybe there’s a way we can combine Laurin and Heather’s civic-minded, brain expanding, and empowering chocolate with Dancing with the Stars, Made, and Lost’s peanut butter. What if ETV aired a talent show/debate with political candidates? What if on Hardball, whenever guests tried to spin or dodge questions, Chris Matthews was allowed to deliver a mild shock to their genitals?

I’m not saying that I have all the answers. I’m just saying that maybe it’s time we struck a balance between our ids and our superegos.

I’m Jay Stecher and I approve this message.