The Palmetto Grande in Mt. Pleasant ran the Alliance for Full Acceptance’s campaign, Acceptance Without Exception for a week before pulling the ads after an unknown (but apparently limited) number of complaints. The ads run through various takes on “Some of the best ___ are gay.” The most scandalous part of the ad is the word “gay,” but apparently that was enough to send one mother to the manager of the theater to complain.

Warren Redman-Gress with AFFA said that the theater manager relayed the story of the woman coming to him to complain that her six-year-old daughter wanted to know what “gay” meant. Though there were other complaints, they apparently weren’t logged and this was the only particular complaint the manager could provide.

Redmond-Gress was planning to discuss this with the AFFA board tonight to decide their next step, but there will likely be some coordinated reaction.

“We can’t just let this go,” he says. “This is a teachable moment here.”