Photo by Ruta Smith

Best Local Comic 

Brandy Sullivan

Brandy Sullivan never expected to set down roots in Charleston. After graduating from USC as a theater major, she wanted to move to Chicago and explore the legendary comedy scene. Instead, she relocated to Charleston and started comedy group the Have Nots! with her business partner Greg Tavares and Timmy Finch in 1995. Five years later in 2000, Theatre 99 was born. “When I was in college, the idea was to go pursue the big dreams and do the whole Second City route,” said Sullivan, “but then, this ended up being a dream that I didn’t know I had.” Now, she’s the co-owner of Theatre 99 and often puts on improv shows with her many comedy groups. “I feel really lucky that I get to live in Charleston and perform regularly the way that we do with all of our pals. I just feel incredibly fortunate. I get so much from doing the shows,” she said. But, she lends a lot of credit to the entire comedy community and her fellow improvisers. “It’s such an ensemble art form,” she explained. “You have got to have someone else with you. It’s all about making your scene partner look good because when you do that, then you all win.” —Samantha Connors