[image-1]According to new analysis published by The Trace, more than 500 shootings have taken place in the Charleston area since 2014.

The Holy City has seen at least 137 shootings in the past five years, while neighboring North Charleston has suffered through 279.

Sixty-eight people have been shot and killed within Charleston city limits since 2014, and 110 people were injured. In North Charleston, 117 people have been killed by guns and 219 have been injured in the same time period.

Charleston has a population of 134,875, according to a 2017 Census Bureau estimate, with 401,438 people calling Charleston County home.

The Trace, a nonprofit news outlet focused on gun violence, published the analysis on Mon. Dec. 17 with an interactive map that tracks more than 150,000 incidents between Jan. 1, 2014 and Dec. 13, 2018.

If you enter a specific address, the map will show you shootings within a one-mile radius.

The data was compiled using the Gun Violence Archive, an independent research and data collection group formed in 2012 that combs through “over 2,000 media sources, aggregates, police blotters, police media outlets and other sources daily,” according to the GVA website.

The 2015 murder of nine parishioners at Mother Emanuel appears as Charleston’s only mass shooting, defined by the GVA as “four or more shot and/or killed in a single event [incident], at the same general time and location not including the shooter.”

Four other mass shootings appear in North Charleston, including a November 2015 shootout in Park Circle that left one dead and three others injured.

Other relevant and nearby figures from South Carolina:

—In Columbia (pop. 133,114), there have been at least 402 shootings since 2014, with 155 people killed and 333 people injured.
—In Greenville (pop. 68,219), there have been at least 194 shootings since 2014, with 86 people killed and 144 people injured.
—In Myrtle Beach (pop. 32,795), there have been at least 149 shootings since 2014, with 51 people killed and 136 people injured.
—In Mt. Pleasant (pop. 86,668), there have been at least 11 shootings since 2014, with four people killed and seven people injured.
—In North Charleston (pop. 110,861), there have been at least 279 shootings since 2014, with 117 people killed and 219 people injured.
—In Summerville (pop. 50,388), there have been at least 75 shootings since 2014, with 34 people killed and 56 people injured.