Over the course of the next five days, chefs from across America will be all over Charleston for the Wine + Food festival. But while many will be busy with dinners and events, you can be sure some will go off roading, roaming around the city. If you want to stay abreast of their Charleston experience, tap into Twitter. 

Here’s who we’ll be following this week.

Chef: Danny Bowien
Restaurants: Mission Chinese Food & Mission Cantina
Why you should follow him: Bowien is pretty hilarious. His new cookbook, THE MISSION CHINESE FOOD COOKBOOK, was one of the best I read this year. He’s a James Beard Award winner, friend of Sean Brock’s, and all around fascinating guy.
Twitter handle: @dannybowien

Purveyor: Allan Benton
Business: Benton’s Smoky Mountains Country Hams
Why should you follow him: Because he’s a pork sorcerer. The man slow cured wizardry turns bacon into an otherworldly bite that can only be the result of magic. 
Twitter handle: @allanbenton