I had expected to puke. And I’m guessing my coworkers expected more or less the same. But it didn’t happen, much to everyone’s disappointment.

And frankly, it was a shock that it didn’t happen; after all, the challenge was a particularly vile one — take a mixture of Charleston’s fave food items, toss them into a blender, mix ’em up, and drink it down.

Of course, drinking this unholy Holy City concoction would be no easy task. Shrimp and grits are perfectly fine with a bowl of she crab soup on the side, but not together and certainly not with a handful of benne wafers, a dollop or two of pimiento cheese, five pieces of okra, a dozen or so oysters, and a generous amount of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.


Just remembering how all that tastes gives me the shivers. But at least that was better than how I felt in the hours leading up to the Lowcountry Smoothie challenge. That was when my nerves were getting the best of me. I had no intention of backing out — at least not like I did with the Italian Ice Chowdown — but I was dreading the moment when I would actually have to put the glass to my lips and gulp. It felt like Christmas Eve, but instead of waking up to find that Santa had brought a bunch of presents to my house, he was standing right there in the living room and the only thing he was giving out was a kick to the nuts.

Even worse than the anticipation was the knowledge that this would be my lunch. There would be no meal before this, and there would be no meal after this. Although I doubted that I would physically be able to eat anything after the Charleston Chug, I was even more fearful that I would be able to and then vomit it all up. Then I would probably form some nasty aversion to whatever it was that I ate after drinking the smoothie, and I couldn’t do that. I love food too much.

So, I went into it knowing full well that I had better eat enough to get me through the day.

And I did.

But it was work. A lot of work.

I won’t spoil the fun for you. Watch the video for yourself. There’s no puking. But there’s plenty of pain.