You know all those things that they should have taught you in school — useful nuggets of adulthood knowledge like which wine to drink with your linguine, why TSA PreCheck should be your travel BFF, or how to convince your boss that it’s time for a raise? That’s the stuff that theSkimm co-founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg are on a mission to teach women across America.

The duo are currently touring the country to chat with theSkimm fans about their first book, How to Skimm Your Life, and on June 25, they’ll visit the Gaillard Center for “a fun night out, full of empowering conversation, networking, cheersing, and more.” The conversation will be moderated by Carla Hall, Top Chef alum and former co-host of ABC’s Emmy award-winning The Chew.

If you’re scratching your head at mention of theSkimm, here’s the scoop: The company started in 2012 as a daily e-newsletter that now lands in the inboxes of over 7 million followers — including badass boss ladies like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Reese Witherspoon — before 7 a.m. every weekday. Since its launch, theSkimm has become a favorite for millennial women with its straightforward, witty approach to the news.

The newsletter unravels some of the most noteworthy and complex news stories of the day and rewrites them as compact summaries that get the message across in far fewer words. Excerpts keep you engaged with a conversational format that reads like you’re chatting current events with a friend. No need to hunt down the latest from multiple news sources, theSkimm’s got ya covered.

Who has the time to sift through it all? And if you want more info on a news story, every excerpt contains links to their sources. Since 2012, the duo has also released two podcasts: Skimm’d from the Couch (2018), a no BS chat with female leaders about climbing ladders and smashing glass ceilings, and Skimm This (2019), a commuter-friendly, 10-minute breakdown of the news that digs a little deeper than the daily newsletter.

Every daily Skimm newsletter begins with a quote from a comedic news story, something lighthearted before diving into the tough stuff like updates on geopolitics, national controversies, and social injustice. Here’s an example from a recent Quote of the Day: “‘We strongly urge passengers to follow security instructions’ — An airline after a woman went looking for a plane’s bathroom but ended up opening an emergency exit. Was there someone churning butter on the wing?” (In case you had a swoosh moment, that last bit is a reference to the film Bridesmaids.) theSkimm newsletter also ends on a positive note with blurbs like a breakdown of a recent sporting event, summer reading suggestions, or tips on how to manage your budget. These useful endings to every newsletter are what eventually became How to Skimm Your Life.


Written in the same colloquial voice of the daily newsletter, the book is ideal for anyone who’s riding the adulting struggle bus, just starting out post-college, or looking to pick up some new life hacks. “We want to help you navigate the noteworthy moments in your lives, not just in your days,” the duo writes in the introduction. “We want to take all of the daunting, cumbersome, and, frankly, unsexy parts of being an adult, and break them down the same way we break down a complicated news story.”

theSkimm calls itself a “membership for living smarter,” with How to Skimm Your Life as a reference guide to life. Not only do Zakin and Weisberg break down topics like which tax forms you need or how to quickly crawl out of student loan debt, but they also dedicate pages to concepts like managing your stress by creating a sleep schedule, starting a compost bin, and inspirational career pep talk advice from influential business women. From mental health to financial peace, How to Skimm Your Life covers it all.

Zakin and Weisberg are visiting 10 cities across the country to host these conversations about their book. They’ll share their own success story and discuss their favorite highlights of How to Skimm Your Life. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with other Skimmers and get their hands on a copy of the book. VIP tickets include one-on-one time with Zakin and Weisberg, professional headshots, a complimentary wine flight, and more. The goal, Zakin and Weisberg have said, is for the event to have the same effect as the book. They want women to leave feeling wiser and more prepared to tackle life’s stresses — big or small — head on.