Kenny Z and Friends

Fri., Jan. 18, 8 p.m.; Sat., Jan. 19, 8 p.m.; $12.50; Tonik;

Well known in the Lowcountry for the long-running (and all too abruptly ended) 96 Wave morning show Storm & Kenny Radio Show with Stupid Mike, Ken Zimlinghaus has moved on up to Sirius Satellite Radio and some sweet and sassy stand-up comedy in a little town called New York City.

We caught up with Kenny Z to chat about the meaning of life, the consolation of philosophy, and … okay, so we just talked about Sirius Satellite Radio, Folly Beach, and his upcoming “slam fest of comedy” at the Charleston Comedy Festival.

That works, too.

CP: Sorry for calling on a Sunday. Don’t mean to take you away from your worship services.

KZ: You mean the Giants game?

CP: Absolutely. That’s exactly what I was referring to.

KZ: It’s half-time, so no problem at all.

CP: Cool. So, you’re coming back to Charleston for the Comedy Festival, yeah? What are we going to see at your show?

KZ: I promise that it will be nothing less than unbelievably exciting, as always. I’m bringing down a comic from New York named Sean Patton. He’s originally from New Orleans, and he is one of my favorite stand-up comics. So, it will be him, Dave Rosinsky, and myself. We’re just going to slay it. We’re going to do what we usually do in Charleston. Our shows seem to draw some different crowds at these festivals. It gets pretty wild and raucous. It should be a good time.

CP: You’re playing a lot of shows in New York City. Where else besides there — and Charleston, of course ­— are you touring?

KZ: I’ve taken the show on the road to Newport News, upstate New York, and Boston. Because I’m doing the radio show, I don’t have a lot of time other than the weekends to travel. I usually try to keep it within a six hour drive or, when I have to, I’ll fly.

CP: Any favorite places you plan to visit?

KZ: The studios of Apex Broadcasting. Ha, ha, just kidding. No, really, it would be funny if you put that in. But, honestly, I love Folly Beach. And I’ll be checking out the rest of the shows at the Comedy Festival. This year, The Have Nots! brought in some amazing acts that I can’t wait to see. It’s really a topnotch festival.