They Want More ‘Good News’

A former editor at The Post and Courier has launched a new online-only publication.

Ann Thrash, a features editor for the daily newspaper before taking a buy-out in September, launched Charleston Currents ( on Nov. 3 with publisher Andy Brack, a former press secretary for U.S. Sen. Fritz Hollings.

Charleston Currents is an “e-newsletter,” Thrash says, focused on “positive news and community commentary.” It’s modeled after Gwinnett Forum, a publication run by Brack’s father in Atlanta, which also focuses on good news and “idea exchange.”

The editorial goal of Charleston Currents is an easy-to-read design featuring to-the-point stories and brief columns. The business model is similar to public radio, except that underwriters in this case pay the cost of doing business in exchange for logo placement and editorial presence (small paragraphs reminding readers who underwriters are and what they do).

Brack, who also ran and lost against U.S. Congressman Henry Brown in 2000, says there is no conflict of interest: “If someone writes a letter critical of an underwriter, we will run that letter.” The point of Charleston Currents, Brack says, is to encourage points of view and spark debate.


An IMAX is coming to West Ashley, according to the website of Southeast Cinemas. Last spring, the Charlotte-based company bought the land underneath the old AMC Citadel Mall 6. In April, the movie theater itself was sold to the new company. The venue was demolished throughout the fall. Southeast Cinemas has said it plans to build a 55,000-square-foot, 16-screen, stadium-seating multiplex that features two digital 3-D auditoriums. At first, a company spokesperson said there were discussions to add an IMAX facility, but later retracted that information. Southeast Cinemas’ web page ( announces that a newly named “Citadel Mall IMAX Stadium 16” is “coming soon.” Bryan Smith, a company spokesperson, would neither confirm nor deny that an IMAX would be part of the new cineplex, because comprehensive plans have yet to be approved by the City of Charleston. Smith says details of the new facility will be announced in about a month. —John Stoehr