“Rose in a Hand” by Jessica M. Jones

Last summer Jessica Jones had some dried-up roses growing in her garden. She plucked them from the vine and tore the petals off of the stem. It was then that she noticed the underbelly of the rose bulb. People take pictures of roses all the time, but the judges felt this was a well thought-out photograph that showed this common flower from an angle that’s rarely studied. It grabbed the judges’ interest immediately.

“Pinched For Time” by Hansje Gold-Krueck

When Hansje Gold-Krueck was in Prague last year she stumbled across photos of watches that made her go “Hmm…” Months later, while perusing through thrift stores, she stumbled upon a box of $1 watches. She bought a few and ran home to take a picture of an image that flashed in her head. “I don’t have a method to my thoughts,” she says. “You just get a picture in your head and you want to make it real, you know?” So she went into her backyard, hung these watches on a clothesline, sprayed them with water, and voila, the rest is history. Judges thought this clean and interesting picture stood out from the rest in its uniqueness.

“Field of Calla Lilies” by Gillian Ellis

Gillian Ellis is a 19-year-old nomad who’s lived everywhere, from the East Coast to the West, but currently resides downtown. She came to study art history at the College of Charleston this year, and she wants to become a professional food photographer. Her dad takes pictures for a living, and she caught the shutterbug at a young age. She took this picture in a San Francisco field near the Golden Gate Bridge. She had never seen these kinds of flowers in the wild before, only in garden stores. Judges felt the same way, appreciating her distinctive impression of a typical subject.

“Holy Bible” by Jon Stout

Jon Stout enjoys finding abandoned places and taking pictures of things people left behind. He stumbled upon this picture while driving down Savage Road. A Baptist church had burned down, and he found this half-singed Bible just lying there. Not wanting to anger South Carolina Bible-huggers, he was wary of submitting this photo at first until a small crowd gathered around him in the Summerville Wal-Mart and wanted copies for themselves. The judges appreciated the picture’s texture and that it seemed to tell a story.