[image-1] Starting on November 15, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens will be partnering with China’s Zigong Lantern Group to present “Lights of Magnolia: Reflections of a Cultural Exchange,” illuminating the garden for the first time in almost 150 years.

[image-2] Every evening for four months, guests visiting America’s oldest garden will be immersed in a unique large-scale lantern light show stretching over a walking path on the 9-acre plot of land. Many lanterns will be placed around and over the black cyprus ponds, which will create an unforgettable optical illusion reflecting off of the pond.

[image-3]The lanterns, each handmade in China, will represent a fusion of traditional Chinese culture and the florals and wildlife of Magnolia Gardens.

Magnolia Garden’s executive director, Tom Johnson, says “Magnolia is constantly looking for opportunities to enhance the garden experience for our visitors, and I believe we’ve found a unique opportunity with the Zigong Lantern Group.”

The executive director of China Overseas for China Lantern International, Meng Liu, agrees and adds that anyone who comes to see these beautifully crafted and unique lanterns “will remember it forever.”

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