Egan is an old Charleston family name. There are plenty of descendants around here who will attest to that.

So when the guys at the Charleston Beer Exchange were looking to name their new beer restaurant on Morrison Drive, they decided to pay homage to one of those Egans — Edmund, the biggest beer maker in 18th century Charleston — and name the place Egan’s Oast (an oast is a place for drying hops).

We thought it was cool and different. (For a while there, Charleston’s restaurateurs utterly lacked creativity when it came to naming places, and we had a glut of Palmettos, Brick Houses, Grills, and the like.)

Not only did they have a funky name, but the Egan’s Oast crew had a serious brand identity that they had created with Stitch. 

But then another Egan came to town. We won’t go so far as to call the Chris Egan a carpetbagger, but he’s planning to open another outpost of his successful New Jersey bar, which is called Egan & Sons, in the old Moe’s Downtown space. What are the chances of that? After some discussion, the CBX guys realized they had to rename their place.

Edmund’s Oast is the new moniker, which still celebrates the history of beer in Charleston while allowing them to retain their logo and identity. We think it still works. Check out their branding: