Here are the unofficial results. You can still take the survey and see all the prospective answers.

1. It’s Charleston Fashion Week. Last year’s event drew national attention when a shop owner fell through the floor. What will be this year’s YouTube phenomenon?

D. In an attempt to create a new buzz-word, the announcer tragically refers to everything as “bag lady chic.”

2. Last week, Pascal Andre Etcheber was the fourth person indicted in the Ravenel cocaine scandal — this time for allegedly making false statements in the 2007 investigation. Who’s the next victim in this ordeal?

C. Everyone else with a name we can’t pronounce.

3. The back and forth over $700 million in federal stimulus money ended last week with Gov. Mark Sanford’s refusal to spend the money on anything that would stimulate the economy. His argument was that the money would be wasteful and hard to pay back over the years. What very stimulating project did Sanford overlook?

C. A red stapler for every state employee’s desk!

Create Your Own Answer Winner: “Making a douche that looks like Sanford.”

4. A longstanding Internet rumor sparked fears at a local Wal-Mart that gang members would hurt someone at the store as part of an initiation. Sure, that never happened at a local Wal-Mart. But what did?

B. The Bible went unsold because it was bargain priced at $6.66.