The 2017 City Paper Music Award trophy (or “free-standing plaque” if you want to get technical) comes from artist and illustrator Tim Edgar, who, by day, builds wooden boats with Beebe Boatworks on James Island. Featuring a variety of characters, like an aged bass-playing hippy and a mohawk-clad punk-rock chick, the trophy was designed to represent a wide range of genres through Edgar’s typical personality-laced drawings. “I do a lot of illustration stuff that’s very character driven,” he says. “I like drawing people. I like making them do silly things.”

As opposed to many sculptured trophies in years past, Edgar decided to go with a hand-drawn form. “It’s more organic when you see a hand-drawn thing,” he says. Despite being well-known for his work in chalk, the 2017 trophy was done with colored pencils and a digital background. “I had a few ideas rolling around. I was sketching them out and just wasn’t happy with them,” says Edgar. “I said, ‘Why am I trying to do this when I should just stick with what I usually do.'”


Much of Edgar’s art prior to this piece has been like the Garbage Pail Kids dropping acid. “I’m not so much into the cutesy kind of stuff. I really get into the grotesque,” he says. Exaggerated characteristics are the norm in his art, but it’s all light and cartoony. “I like poring over all the little details,” he says. That attention pervades many of his past art pieces, including those done for his band The Flat Foot Floozies and the chalk work done for local restaurants.