The new single by Thompson Faulk, “Wasn’t There,” is an excellent calling card for his new album, Edge of the USA, out today on Coast Records.

A crisp, full-bodied blast of straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll, the song is a wide-screen, open-hearted anthem that sounds like it could fit snugly on any number of beloved down-the-line rock records, from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Southern Accents to Jason Isbell’s first outing with The 400 Unit.

It also sounds miles beyond Faulk’s more atmospheric, brooding work on his 2016 album This is Life. There are certainly darker, more vulnerable moments on Edge of the USA (the chugging, mid-tempo rocker “Your Love is a Fire” has a melancholier vibe to it than “Wasn’t There,” even as it sings the praises of a passionate infatuation), but the key to the overall album is Faulk’s grainy, emotional voice. It’s a sturdy instrument that can carry joy and pain in equal measure.

Listen to the new album here.

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