CNN reports today that former Sen. Fred Thomposn, R-Universal Studios, is sending e-mails to supporters asking for money to pay for TV ads in South Carolina and Iowa.

Thompson’s ad “No Amnesty” is on the air in Iowa and “Consistent Conservative” is running in both Iowa and South Carolina. Thompson says in the e-mail: “To build even more momentum though, I’m going to need the resources to further get my message out.”

Thompson’s e-mail pitch is more straightforward than most: he asks supporters to cover the cost of an entire 30-second ad, and outlines just how much the campaign says those ads will cost in different media markets.

“You can pay for a 30-second ad for my campaign in Sioux City, Iowa simply by contributing $70 to my campaign, and $250 will buy an ad in Greenville, South Carolina,” the e-mail reads.

“If you and your friends and family can combine to give $850 to my campaign, I can buy a prime-time advertisement in Charleston, South Carolina.”