Not my own thoughts, but Dylan Hales, who I agree with on the unfortunate, early loss of Tim Russert:

“It may seem strange to some to see an epitaph for a establishment liberal on this page, but the truth is I have always had a soft spot for Tim Russert. While I often times felt he took the wrong side on certain issues, and he was as beltway a journalist as you could possibly get, Mr. Russert was also a legitimately “tough interview” in an era of fluff and sentimentalist, sensationalist garbage. These days you can’t expect much from the mainstream media, and Russert did not preform as strongly pre-war as I would have liked, but he did his best to call a scam a scam when the shit hit the fan. On top of that Russert was one of the only major network reporters who would even dream of giving time to folks like Ralph Nader and Ron Paul and his presence in that regard will be sorely missed

Above and beyond all of that Russert was an Irish Catholic, localist patriot of Buffalo, who was unafraid to call his father his hero, and loved his little piece of the Earth more than most of us could imagine. For that alone he should be remembered and he will not be forgotten.”