• Eugene Platt

Didn’t get a ticket to the debate between Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch at the Citadel last night? It’s OK. You’ve got another chance tonight, and this time you’ll get to hear from all three candidates.

The Goose Creek branch of the NAACP will host a candidates’ forum for the District 1 Congressional race tonight at 7 p.m. in a conference room at the Berkeley Electric Cooperative office in Goose Creek (2 Springhall Drive). The room has a seating capacity of only 130, so make sure you show up early to claim a spot.

Unlike last night’s debate, this one will include Green Party candidate Eugene Platt. According to chapter president David Cakley, all three candidates are scheduled to be there. “Because the NAACP is a nonpartisan group, we want all sides to be heard,” Cakley says.

The forum is open to the public. Candidates will be given time to discuss their platforms, and then a moderator will ask the candidates questions written down by audience members.

Platt, who was not invited to last night’s debate, says he and his son considered showing up at the Citadel with campaign signs in hand, but they decided against it after seeing the severe weather warning and the ensuing thunderstorm. “One must wonder if the heavy rain, high wind, and scary lightning were a not-so-subtle manifestation of displeasure by the God of Fair Play with the eminently unfair exclusion of one of the candidates whose name will appear on the ballot in the special election,” Platt says.