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African Methodist Episcopal ministers who have seen more than 70% of a church retirement fund lost in recent months have filed a class action lawsuit against the church in an attempt to recover millions of dollars in pension monies. One of the defendants is a South Carolina bishop. The denomination, with strong historical roots here, has about 600 churches in South Carolina.

In other recent headlines:

SC House attempts to pass state gas tax suspension. Two gas suspension bills have been proposed to the SC House to suspend gas taxes for one year for all drivers, truckers and specified motor carriers and to lift gas taxes temporarily until gas averages reach less than $3.25 in the state.

SC Senate votes to ban employer vaccine mandates. On April 6, the SC Senate approved a bill that prevents employers requiring a COVID vaccination mandate and businesses from denying services to the unvaccinated. More: The State

Charleston’s Air Expo returns over weekend. The Joint Base Air Expo is back after its last run in 2018. The Expo will run April 9-10, showing off different flight demonstrations from different teams. Charleston afternoon flights will have two 20-minute windows to land and take off during the Air Expo on April 9-10. Expect some delays.

USC’s chairman residency questioned. Questions arise over USC chairman Dorn Smith III’s residency, looking into tax and voting records to confirm whether or not he lives in the district he’s represented for 12 years.

Woods’ start at Masters will be unlike any other. Champion golfer Tiger Woods’ start at this year’s Masters will be unlike any other as it will test his surgically rebuilt leg. More: CNN

U.S. Senate set to confirm Jackson. Two critical votes are scheduled today for the U.S. Senate to proceed on the nomination of U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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