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U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, got into a heated exchange with federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during her nomination hearing for the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday morning. Graham focused on the judge’s sentencing record for cases involving images of child sexual abuse. Graham repeatedly interrupted Jackson, the first woman of color to be nominated to the high court. More: The New York Times, Spartanburg Herald-Journal, The Washington Post

In other headlines:

Feds look at declaring small bat in S.C. an endangered species. Under a new proposal, the Northern long-eared bat — native to the state — could be added to the endangered species list. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there are 22 listed endangered species in South Carolina and another 17 cited as threatened. More: The State

As big cities lost residents, small cities like Myrtle Beach gained them. There has been an out-migration from large U.S. metropolises displayed in the 2020 census, but smaller cities like Myrtle Beach saw substantial growth. More: The New York Times

Former S.C. governor warns of famine fallout from Russian invasion of Ukraine. United Nations World Food Programme head David Beasley, a former governor for South Carolina, is issuing warnings that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will worsen global famine. He said, “If you think we’ve got hell on earth now, just get ready.” More: The U.K. Independent

Two death row inmates ask court not to schedule executions. On Monday, the attorneys for Brad Keith Sigmon and Freddie Eugene Owens asked the state’s Supreme Court to hold off on setting execution dates for the two death row inmates while they challenge a new law allowing executions by firing squad. The prisoners’ attorneys said their clients should not be executed while a lower court considers whether the state’s available execution methods are constitutional. A hearing in that litigation is scheduled for April 4, according to the attorneys. More: AP News

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