From editor Stephanie Barna:

A couple of new reviews rolled in today:

CP Music Editor Ballard Lesemann caught Marcus Tardelli’s first concert and gave his performance an A. From his review: “Clad in a sharp, all-black outfit, the 29-year-old musician proceeded to absolutely dazzle the large audience with a variety of Latin/Brazilian styles (samba, bossa nova, baião) and unique arrangements — and an impressive technique and form.”

Eliza Ingle urges you to see Sara Baras and her Ballet Flamenco: “Ballet Flamenco is an impressive group of musicians and great-looking flamenco dancers who presented Sabores, a well-crafted and thoroughly entertaining work. For nearly two hours one mesmerizing performance after another filled the stage in a sequence of costume, fiery footwork, and sounds of the Spanish art form, which began as a folk dance from the gypsies, but here it is far from its crude beginnings. The piece is a professional and refined theatrical production without a story. The concept is simple enough, explained as dances that show the different styles of Flamenco music. There are many beautifully costumed tableaus and the images sometimes don’t last for long, making you want more, but then isn’t Flamenco all about yearning?”

And Jennifer Corley gives a big thumbs up to da da kamera’s play A Beautiful View: “Ultimately, however, A Beautiful View is exactly what its name states — a gorgeous exploration into the lives of two women who float through life, bumping into each other like flotsam and jetsam in a vast ocean, becoming intertwined almost against their will. They separate for a while then come together again, after, as Tracy Wright’s character says, ‘time passes; things happen,’ men come and go, mothers die, and the everyday human life unfolds.”