[image-2] Fresh Future Farm (FFF) will be hosting their inaugural SC Black Farmers Conference on March 26 at the SC Society Hall and at the FFF location on Success Street in North Charleston.

The conference will be a day-long event from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The event will bring food expert activists from across the country to South Carolina to share and learn new practices with new or established SC growers. Farmers will learn the rich practices from African and African-American farmers in the Lowcountry and the contributions it has provided in modern agricultural practices.

Guests will park at the FFF parking lot in the morning and take a chartered bus to SC Society Hall (72 Meeting), where the food, presentations, and networking will occur.

The conference features Leah Penniman, author of Farming While Black, as their keynote speaker, Erika Allen of Urban Growers Collective, Malik Yakini of Detroit People’s Food Co-Op, and a Lowcountry seafood lunch prepared by chefs BJ Dennis and DelJuan Murphy.

Event highlights include:

A morning of musical performances will kick off the day during provided breakfast from 8 to 9 a.m.

A 30-minute yoga session by Kennae Miller, owner of Transformation Yoga, will follow at 9:30 a.m.

Post yoga, artist Jonathan Green will give a presentation on the History of Black Farming in S.C. at 10 a.m.

[image-1] At 11 a.m., keynote speaker Leah Penniman will be giving her presentation, “The Power of Black Farmers.”

Following her presentation, attendees will be given an opportunity to network with other farmers and specialists, such as Urban Growers Collective, Detroit People’s Food Co-Op, and Pace & Associates of S.C. LLC, an Orangeburg agricultural consulting firm.

“I didn’t want people to be inspired by her wealth of knowledge without immediately connecting with local farmers and resources to take definitive action steps that benefit the state,” says FFF founder Germaine Jenkins.

The goal of the SC Black Farmers Conference is to strengthen South Carolina’s ability to build and maintain profitable farm models for small black farmers in the state. The conference will allow farmers to learn in an engaging space, providing resources and opportunities to connect and share ideas with other farmers in the region, as well as the nation.

The conference will end the day at FFF’s North Charleston headquarters at 1 p.m. where chefs Dennis and Murphy will serve a Lowcountry Seafood Lunch, accompanied by a Deninufay West African Harvest Dance.

Tickets to the event are limited to 30 for on-site attendance for $50 and limited to 50 for tickets to tune-in via video conference for $15.

FFF will work with partners to personally invite students, farmers, and food entrepreneurs.

For more information, check out FFF’s website, Facebook event page, or contact Germaine at freshfuturefarm@gmail.com.