Anthony Jeselnik is not politically correct. At least, that’s how the New York Times put it in the 2015 article, “Political Correctness isn’t ruining comedy. It’s Helping,” which references Jeselnik’s very un-PC tweet (which he eventually deleted) about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing: “Guys, today there are just some lines that should not be crossed. Especially the finish line.”

Describing Jeselnik’s Netflix special, Thoughts and Prayers, NYT‘s Jason Zinoman writes, “He [Jeselnik] has punch lines about abortion, child molestation, pedophilia and dead babies, but the only thing he expresses regret about is erasing this joke. His hour of rigorously insensitive, finely crafted comedy feels like penance for a betrayal of a perverse artistic conscience.”

Netflix describes Thoughts and Prayers in a similar fashion — “From the man who offended the entire nation of New Zealand comes a comedy special packaged with warped humor and blistering takedowns.” Speaking of takedowns, way back in 2011 Jeselnik was part of a roast of Donald J. Trump (you know, our current president), where, according to Jeselnik, Trump’s one rule was, “don’t say I have less money than I say I do.”

In 2016 Jeselnik talked to Hollywood Reporter about the 2011 roast. “I remember thinking at the time that ‘he’s going to run for president,'” Jeselnik said. “There was no reason for a guy like Trump to put himself through that. And I remember thinking ‘he thinks we’re going to punch ourselves out.’ Like, we’re going to say every mean thing that can be said, and then he kind of has a free pass to the White House.”

Don’t say he didn’t warn us.

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