[image-1] I’ll admit, I’ve been a big fan of local artist Tim Banks ever since he playfully illustrated a cover story I wrote about going to a nudist camp. Talk about creative collaboration! And now, it appears that a Johns Island Brewery likes Banks’ fun, colorful work as much as I do; last week Banks announced that he is now Low Tide Brewing Co.’s executive artist.

Banks will create illustrations and designs for Low Tide, including one he’s dreamed up for an event, Ales For Azaleas, taking place on Sun. March 3 at Low Tide. In conjunction with Browns Wood Nursery, Low Tide will sell beer and azalea packages in an effort to plant more azaleas across Johns Island.

Banks describes this new collab with Low Tide as a “very cool opportunity.” And it’s not the only one he’s up to. This year, Banks is also serving as the artist-in-residence for Second Sundays on King Street, where you’ll find him both selling his pieces and actively creating work on the street, likely with his kids in tow.

Check out more of Banks’ work online at timothybanks.com