The city’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Rebekah Jacob Gallery co-hosted an opening reception for Tim Hussey’s exhibition Drown Then Swim on Thursday night at City Gallery. The star of the evening, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, was so swamped with fans he was difficult to spot, while co-presenter Rebekah Jacob stood out in a bright red cocktail dress. Nick Jenkins sat in a dark corner of the first floor with his back to the crowd creating trance-like tunes that set the tone for viewing Hussey’s art.

His work was organized by time period, giving the show a retrospective feel despite Hussey’s relatively young age. Upstairs, recent paintings and commercial illustrations from Hussey’s early career were on view, while downstairs, guests got a glimpse of his nude drawings and pieces created during a stint at an artist residency program in Spain (heavily influenced by Norwegian Black Metal music).

Out back, the promised boiled peanut stand from Matt and Ted turned out to be nothing more than a few cups of peanuts from a bucket (albeit a bucket emblazoned with the famous foodies’ names). Our disappointment was fleeting, however, as we headed back in for another turn around the gallery. Drown Then Swim is one of those shows that never gets tired, no matter how long you’ve been treading water.