[image-1]For the intellectuals out there, this is exciting news. Tim Page, the award-winning critic for The Washington Post, is coming to Charleston to cover Spoleto for the Post and Courier.

I’ve regularly read Page’s work and consider him to be a model critic — even-toned, level-headed, hugely informed, and inexorably opinionated. That, and he’s a hell of a writer. The way he writes is at least as valuable as what he’s writing about. So for me, this is very exciting. I’ll be learning a lot from Mr. Page, and I hope everyone who thinks and writes about — and feels something for — the arts will, too.

Page’s appointment also signals a change of attitude at the daily newspaper. For the longest time, Spoleto wasn’t taken all that seriously. It was considered a festival for the elites, for outsiders, not real Charlestonians, and so on. But now, Page’s appointment shows that the festival is being taken seriously — artistically speaking — on a local level that has been missing till now. I hope this continues year after year. Bravo to managing editor Steven Mullins and staff at the P&C.