What excites us most about Cong.-elect Tim Scott’s first term on Capitol Hill is all the attention he’s going to get. No offense to retiring Congressman Henry Brown, but the old workhorse didn’t really get Washington buzzing about his arrival.

Scott is more than making up for it. Last week, the Associated Press reported on his search for lodging.

“Nothing here is affordable, is what I’ve learned,” says Scott, who might share an apartment with classmates.

And today we have a story from the Philly Inquirer that opens with the press pool anxiously trying to figure out who this new guy is getting his ID picture taken.

“Who is he?” reporters and photographers asked one another Monday in the basement of the Capitol Visitors Center, peering through a doorway. “Who is he?” was repeated down the line. “Is there an echo in here?” someone said.

That’s Tim Scott, Washington. It’s our little gift to you. Don’t break it.

Already hard at work with the GOP transition team, Scott is also one of two new members running for a new seat at the leadership table. He’s taking on South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, who was seen last week as a lock for the position.