[image-1] Nowhere is the phrase “You are what you eat” more accurate than in describing artist Timothy Banks’ cabbage/pumpkin/carrot-eating cabbage/pumpkin/carrot monster. Clad in his overalls, pitchfork in hand, the Veggie Monster is the new mascot of the Charleston and West Ashley farmers markets, donning this year’s posters.

Banks says his multi-produce monster hybrid came to him after struggling to make a cabbage look menacing.

“The more I kept working on it, I start fusing thing together, like the carrot teeth. Why is this monster eating other vegetables, it seems so wrong. But he’s healthy in that way,” says Banks. “He literally is what he eats.”

If Banks’ work looks familiar, its because you’ve probably seen a copy of his book, Monsters in Charleston. Banks self-published the children’s book exploring “iconic scenes of the Lowcountry, from Folly Beach to the peninsula, with some colorful, larger-than-life beasts thrown in.”

Why monsters? “My style has weirdly naturally worked with monsters. It’s not like the only thing I do. But sometimes it just makes sense to draw a monster.”

If it scares some kids into eating their veggies, we’d say it makes sense too.

The Charleston Farmers Market at Marion Square kicks off the 2018 season on 14. The West Ashley Farmers Market begins on April 25. For more info, visit charlestonfarmersmarket.com.