In the wake of Hurricane Matthew there is a lot of cleaning up to do. While city sanitation services have been working long hours to make pickups there is still a lot of trash around. Read on for area pickups.

The City of Mount Pleasant, whose garbage service resumed normally on Monday, has asked for patience as it could take weeks for the wreckage to be completely disposed of due to the high volume.

The City of Charleston issued a reminder that burning trash in the county is against the law. The South Carolina Forestry Commission also has outlined the danger of open fires and how quickly they can spread.

In North Charleston debris collection is running one day behind and will not be collecting debris from businesses. Their people are working 12 hour shifts and their trash collection is on schedule.

So you might be stuck with your trash for a while. But while it’s sitting around you might as well make it easier to pick up. The city of Charleston has given the mnemonic CHEAT to help with organizing debris from Hurricane Mathew.

C stands for Construction debris. This includes drywall, lumber, furniture, plumbing and other building materials. H stands for Hazardous waste. Batteries, paint, pesticide, cleaning supplies and compressed gasses are all examples of hazardous materials. E stands for Electronics. Things like televisions, radios, telephones and computers all fit into this category. A is for Appliances. This is where you lay to rest the fridge that didn’t make it along with AC units, washers, microwaves, etc. Last but not least T is for trees and vegetation. This includes all those leaves and sticks that fell in your yard.

It’s recommended that you place anything for collection within 10 feet of the curb, not on the street and in areas that don’t block anything. Everything should be removed from your appliances and furniture.