On Sun. Nov. 1 performer and teacher TJ Dawe will present the workshop “Building a Creative Practice” at Theatre 99, and perform his latest one-man show, Marathon, that night.

The workshop, which Dawe’s girlfriend Lindsay Robertson will co-lead, teaches participants how to develop a personal creative practice to enrich their daily lives, and runs from 12-4 p.m. Spots are $35.

The last time Dawe was in Charleston was for Piccolo Spoleto in 2002, when he performed his show Slipknot (we at the CP called him “a flawless performer” in our review). Marathon uses Dawe’s signature mix of self-analysis and storytelling to explore his own personality through the metaphor of — as you may have guessed — long distance running.

You can buy tickets for the show at theatre99.com or by calling (843) 853-6687. To register for the workshop, email Dawe at thepurplepick@yahoo.ca or call (604) 566-2423.