You know, every time I hear somebody on either the Rocky D show or the Morning Buzz with Richard Todd say “Grahamnesty, ” I can’t help but think about a Keebler elf doing the Jason Biggs to a S’more. Anybody else? Okay. I get it. I’m the only one. Oh well.

Speaking of Grahamnesty, Buddy Witherspoon, the former Council of Conservative Citizens member looking to unseat Lindsey, has been peppering the streets with campaign signs and recently released his first campaign commercial. (You know, when you think about it, “buddy witherspoon” sounds kinda like something two lonely-heart cowpokes might do in a pup tent on a cold Montana night. Right? Right?)

And while the commercial doesn’t have the same copyright-stealing appeal of this ad from North Carolina’s Vernon “The Black Jesse Helms” Robinson, it has its own xenophobic charm, which is something entirely different from “xenuphobic charm.” You’ll find an example of that here.