According to unofficial results released by the Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration last night, Todd Garrett will take the downtown seat on the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees. Garrett was recently installed as an interim board member after Toya Hampton-Green left in August, and now he will have a full four-year term on the board.

  • Todd Garrett

Turnout was thin in voting for the downtown seat, where all of the candidates were knocked off of the ballot in a paperwork snafu earlier this year, forcing them to run as write-in candidates. Just over 11,000 people voted in the race, compared to more than 120,000 for the two North Charleston seats and 130,000 for the two West Ashley seats.

Garrett won the race handily, capturing 5,761 of the votes. His closest competitor was “Other,” with 3,583 votes, followed by Louis Weinstein with 478 votes. Interestingly, there were 17 votes for Chris Frazier (an apparent misspelling of Chris Fraser, the previous board chairman and uncontested candidate for a two-year West Ashley vacancy) and five for Peter Ruegner, a young former candidate for S.C. House District 110 who once argued theology with Charleston County GOP Chairwoman Lin Bennett.

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