Just stumbled across a blog post over at Food + Wine by Tom Colicchio, the head judge on Top Chef and the guy behind Craft, Craftsteak, and a host of other Crafty restaurants that are revered for their simple food prepared well.

Chef Colicchio is relaying “the highlights of the six-day, 1,200 mile journey that took me from Atlanta to Columbia, on to Charleston, then Chapel Hill, the Chesapeake, Washington DC, rural Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and finally back to New York.”

His first stop was Anson Mills in Columbia where he met Glenn Roberts and his business partner Catherine Horton-Schopfer along with southern food historian Dr. David Shields, and farmers Ben Dubard and Emile DeFelice.

After Columbia, he trekked to Charleston where he stopped at McCrady’s, getting a tour from the Lee Bros. and eating a fine meal at Chef Sean Brock’s place.

I remember seeing a tweet last week from Marion Sullivan that paired the Lee boys with Colicchio, but forgot to follow up. So, now we know.

Colicchio writes about his meal. Here’s the money quote that Brock can put on his menu: “I found Sean Brock’s cooking to be a mixture of the traditional and the modern, applying progressive, contemporary techniques and presentations to time-honored southern ingredients and flavors.”

Follow along as Colicchio hits Chapel Hill next.