PSYCHEDELIC ROCK| tomatoband & Friends (Album-release show)
w/ members of BYOG, Travelin’ Kine, Runaway Gin, and more
Wed. May 16
9:30 p.m.
$5 (free with Dead on the Deck wristband)
Pour House


In a sense, the tomatoband, a vintage-sounding psychedelic rock band formed in 2010 around the nucleus of guitarist Charlie Mitchell and keyboard player Alex Irwin, are doing things backwards.

When a band, especially one that typically dives headfirst into expanded Hammond B-three-fueled jams, gets a home studio, that’s when they’re really supposed to stretch out. But the band’s new album, called Routine Interactions, was recorded in Irwin’s soundproofed garage, a.k.a. Wappoo Cuts Studio, and there are few spacey jams in the mix.

“We really kept these songs concise and tried to compose the sections pretty precisely,” Mitchell says. “It’s usually extended when we play it live, but it’s a lot tighter than the stuff we did previously.”

Tomatoband (which also includes bassist Alan Stern and drummer Jake Acheson) is excited about their Pour House release show, and not just because they’ll be joined by David Buck from BYOG, Mark Davis from Travelin’ Kine, Andy Greenberg from Runaway Gin, and Justin Kessler, the album’s engineer, on mandolin.

“This is our first time playing inside at the Pour House,” Irwin says. “That’s very significant for us, because that’s where we see a lot shows, and now we get to be up on that stage and play with some of the guys that we watched up there.”