[image-1]Next up in Lindsay Holler and Hazel Ketchum’s Women & … series is something a little different from most of its previous tributes to singer-songwriters-types, like Tom Waits, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. This time around, local female vocalists will take on British rock/electro/experimental band, Radiohead.

“With this concert series, we definitely are making a concerted effort to try different things,” Holler says, “and I think we’re heading in the right direction.”

But the format of the concert will also differ from past shows. Normally, both the Hungry Monks and the Western Polaroids back up each vocalist, but at Tuesday’s show, the Entropy Ensemble will take on the sounds of Radiohead.

“It’s such a nice marriage between the Women & … series and the Entropy Ensemble,” Holler says, noting that Entropy has played together for many years and is reassembling from as far away as California for this show. “The Entropy Ensemble is a strings-based group, which will result in some different arrangements for some of these Radiohead songs.”

Women & Radiohead will also utilize a smaller group of singers for the show. “In the past, we’ve featured eight to 10 singers,” Holler says. “For this show, we’ll be featuring five singers: Hazel Ketchum, myself, Zandrina Dunning, McKenzie Eddy, and Jordan Igoe. This format is going to lend itself to highlight some more choral aspects of the songs. These songs are dense and beautiful, and we hope to honor that.”