To Three loves, the closest I can get to thanking you:
First, N. for allowing me lean against you when I woke up and helping me to not freak out entirely when I realized that someone was holding my tooth. And I think I will take your advice and never watch LOST.
Second, thanks to the pretty girl who was a dental student and told me what to do with my tooth, and for looking concerned that I was going someplace they could help me.
Third, to the handsome ER nurse (?) who came and talked to me even though you didn’t have to. I was upset and they let me sit alone in that room for the greater part of 4 hours, but you came and talked to me. I don’t love you because you are handsome, but because you were genuinely compassionate and attentive. I think you are great at what you do, and I wanted to send you and my doctor a Thank You card, but everyone I talked to on the phone this morning was rude and/or incompetent.
Thanks, all of you, for being so nice to me on the shittiest day of my life, and when I looked so hideous.
-Recently Toothless