A daily glance at the top 10 Charleston stories of 2008. Look for the entire list in this week’s Charleston City Paper.

2. Sir, Can You Spare Three-Quarters of a Trillion Dollars?

If the buzz word of ’08 was “change,” the buzz word of ’09 looks to be “furlough.” What started with the burst of the housing bubble moved on to the bust of the credit industry and the blah of the … well, just about every other economic sector. The school district, the South Carolina Aquarium, and various universities announced mandatory furloughs — and they were the lucky ones. Private sector jobs, particularly in manufacturing, were being cut throughout the area.

In 2009: Develop a stronger stomach and start drinking. But, seriously, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley and others have already made personal pitches to President-elect Barack Obama for new jobs and infrastructure that might spur development.