[image-1]With Top Chef: Charleston filming wrapped and the season debut not yet announced, the Colicchiwhoa hype has died down. But what about a Charleston restaurant Top Chef winner Kristen Kish and restaurateur Brooks Reitz announced they were working on back in March? Well, you may not see that happen for a while either. 

“We’ve really pumped the breaks on the project,” Reitz said in an email. “It was my sense that with the boom in openings, and the persistent city-wide staffing issues, it’s best to give the city a few years and see how things develop.”

The lack of F&B staffing in the city has been a frustration for many restaurateurs for a while now. In one of the more dramatic cases, the severe lack of staffers was cited as one of the reasons owners Josh and Heather Keeler closed Two Boroughs Larder in July. 

Reitz, who opened his second restaurant, Little Jack’s Tavern, in April, is playing his cards cautiously. “A lot of good places have opened up, and I think the smart play is to hold tight, focus on the existing spots, and make sure we continue to offer a great experience in the wake of all the recent additions.”

Meanwhile, Kish — who told us all about her love of Charleston back in March — continues to travel the globe. “I think she has filled her schedule with a new cookbook and lots of travel,” Reitz says.