The comedians behind the National Theatre of the World don’t mess around when it comes to road trips. When we spoke to the Torontans earlier today, they were just recovering from a straight 18-hour drive from the Great White North that landed them in Charleston around midnight. They were back in the car when we spoke, trying to find their way to Theatre 99. In between helping them navigate our historic streets, I got a few hints about their show, which opens tonight and runs through June 5.

As we mentioned in the preview article published last week, the trio —Naomi Snieckus, Ronald Pederson, and Matt Baram — bases their improvised shows off the works of various famous playwrights. For their Charleston run, they’re channeling David Mamet (May 31), Tennessee Williams (June 1), Oscar Wilde (June 3), Sam Shepherd (June 4), and Anton Chekhov (June 5).

“They’re sort of the biggest names that we have, the most recognizable,” Pederson says. “We sort of want to give a greatest hits when we go to a festival. Maybe not pick the most obscure.”